Golf Swing Errors – Illustrated Fixes & Tips

Use this page to quickly access useful resources on many golf swing errors. Helpful guides are provided in the form of illustrated comparative descriptions and useful tips on how to stop or fix the swing error in question are also provided.

What are swing errors?

They are specific mistakes that are made in the course of a live golf swing, when the club is moving. This is in contrast to an address & setup error that deals with mistakes made prior to beginning a golf swing, while the golfer is positioning himself ahead of a shot.

While a golf swing takes a relatively short time to execute from beginning to end, there are many ways one can err from what a textbook version of a golf swing is. This stems from the fact that a golf swing is a very complex process that involves several stages and involves many parts of your body, all of which need to move smoothly and in a coordinated fashion.

What can I learn from knowing golf swing errors?

Browsing the various errors found on this page and website can help self-diagnose mistakes that you suspect you are making in the course of your golf swing. It can also help you figure out which mistakes you may want to avoid in the future.

How do swing errors differ from shot errors?

Golf shot errors deal with the consequence of golf swing errors as well address & setup positioning errors. They reflect what can happen when a certain part of the swing does not proceed as it should. Or they reflect the consequences of mistakes made in the setup prior to a golf shot.

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